Maternity Seminar November 2017


Confinement Food Tasting by Tian Wei Signature and Registration
Topic: Cord Blood and Cord Stem Cell Banking – Why Bank?
by Dr Teo Cheng Peng, Medical Director, StemCord Pte Ltd
Topic: Pain Management in Labour
by Dr Christopher Chong, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Urogynaecologist, Accredited Fertility Medicine Specialist,
Medical Director, Chris Chong Women and Urogynae Centre
Topic: Breast Milk vs Formula Milk
by Dr Ho Ting Fei, Physician,International Child & Adolescent Clinic
Topic: Bath Time! – Demonstration on Baby Bath
by Ms Aminah Mohamed, Lactation Consultant, Gleneagles Parentcraft
  1. AXA Insurance, represented by Shawn Goh Organization
  2. BodyWorks Medicare
  3. International Child & Adolescent Clinic
  4. Infantree Pte Ltd
  5. Merries
  6. Mustela
  7. Mummamia Confinement
  8. NUK
  9. OurOne&Only
  10. Tian Wei Signature
  11. Tiny Babies
  12. Tiny Touch
  13. SanteCare

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