Cord Blood Banking Process

Collecting Cord Blood

Cord blood collection is a procedure that usually takes less than five minutes immediately after delivery and can be performed in utero or caesarean deliveries and for multiple births. After your baby is born and the cord has been clamped and cut, the blood will be drawn from the cord before it is discarded. StemCord use the bag collection method to collect the cord blood into the collection bag.

Processing & Storage of Cord Blood

After collection, cord blood is transported to the laboratory,
where it is processed using Sepax®2 fully-automated system
and then gradually frozen, minus one degree at a time.
When it reaches an optimal temperature of -180 degrees
Celsius, it will be stored in liquid nitrogen tanks.

Proven Dependability and Flexibility for Future Use

At StemCord, cord blood is collected with bag method and we store the cord blood sample in multiple cryo units. There is no possibility of cross-contamination as units are hermetically sealed. Each unit is specifically designed for long-term cryogenic storage at low temperatures and have a long history of proven dependability and flexibility for future use.

How to Retrieve Cord Blood?

If your cord blood is ever needed for treatment, please call us at +65 471 2002 (24-hr hotline) or email us at
Email/Fax Form 5

Complete & submit FORM 5 (Request for Retrieval & Transfer of Cord Blood Storage Form) via fax or email.

Send Cord Blood for Tests.

Once we’ve received the form, your baby’s cord blood will be sent for a set of confirmatory tests for patient safety. Charges for the tests are already included in your Cord Blood Banking package.

A. Treatment Facilities (Singapore)

Cord blood will be transferred to the treatment facility at no additional cost. A cryoshipper is used to transport the cord blood, ensuring that it remains at an optimum -180°C during the transportation process.

B. Treatment Facilities (Overseas)

StemCord will assist the client with the necessary arrangements for the transfer of the cord blood outside of Singapore.

Retrieving Cord Blood

Should the need arise, call StemCord’s 24-hour hotline at (65) 6471 2002 and we will make the necessary arrangements to release and transport your baby’s stem cells to the designated hospital. StemCord acknowledges that the mother shall, at all times, remain the legal and beneficial owner of the cord blood up to point when the child attains the age of 21. After which, the mother is at liberty to arrange for her rights to the Cord Blood to be assigned to the Child for the storage and maintenance of the Cord Blood.

StemCord’s Procedure

StemCord's Procedure Recommended Procedures for Autologous & Related Cord Blood Banking
  • Cord blood should be processed & frozen within 48 hours of collection.
  • Standardized freezing & storage conditions should be followed.
  • Cord blood units should be stored under liquid nitrogen or at equivalent temperatures.
StemCord's Procedure Required Laboratory Tests

2 x Maternal Blood Tube + 1 x EDTA Tube
On Maternal Blood for Infectious Diseases:
  • HIV1/2
  • VDRL
  • HBsAG
  • HCV
  • CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
  • HTLV I/I (Human T-Lymphotropic Virus)
On Cord Blood:
  • Pre & Post Nucleated Cell Count
  • Cell Viability
  • ABO & Rh
  • CD34
  • Bacteria Culture
  • Fungal Culture
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