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StemCord is dedicated to maintaining the high standards of quality control in the safe handling of your baby’s precious cord blood. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring the viability of the cord blood stem cells
  • Optimising the stem cells recovery rate
  • Maximising the potential with multiple cryo storage
  • Minimising the risk of contamination and mix-up

Quality Cord Blood Banking Process


Protect Your Baby’s Future With Cord Blood Banking

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// 5/17/2021

As we move into Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), our Sales office will
operate at the following hours:

Mount Elizabeth Novena:

Monday to Friday: 9am-5.00pm
Saturday: Closed
Closed on weekends & public holidays


Gleneagles Medical Centre:

Closed for renovation until 13 June 2021


Rest assured that safe management measurements are in place at our offices. Please note that payment & walk-in services are strictly by appointment only.


As always, StemCord encourages you to choose to make payments online & opt for an online consultation with our consultants.


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