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Call (65) 6471 2002 to register or fill in our Contact Form for more information. Our Client Relations Executive can arrange for a non-obligatory meeting to provide you with more information.

Registration Process

Register with StemCord (preferably before 28th week of pregnancy) by:

  1. Signing the full set of StemCord Agreement
  2. Completing a Medical Health History form
  3. You will receive a Cord Blood Collection Box
  4. Payment of enrolment fee (by cheque, credit card of cash). If you are a Singapore Citizen, you may apply to use your Child Development Fund (Baby Bonus) to pay for both the enrolment and annual storage fee.

Inform Your Doctor

To inform your doctor in your next appointment visit that you have signed up Cord Blood Banking with StemCord.


Upon admission to the delivery suite on the day of your delivery:

  1. To hand the Cord Blood Collection Box to the nurse in charge.
  2. To inform the doctor/nurses to collect cord blood upon the birth of your child.
  3. To instruct the nurse in charge to issue a Cord Blood Collection Kit to be used for the collection of cord blood.
  4. To contact our 24-hour hotline (65) 6471 2002 after the delivery of your child.
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