Why StemCord

Your Trusted Cord Blood Bank

From day one, StemCord was established to focus on one main objective – the processing and preservation of your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells. We understand that this is a long-term commitment and are dedicated to being your trusted cord blood bank, providing you with the best possible service, now and into the future.

“Sometimes the strength of the motherhood is greater than natural laws.”Barbara Kingsolver


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    Multiple Cryo Units: Multiple Usage for The Entire Family

    StemCord stores your baby’s cord blood in two cryo bags, giving you the flexibility to use the stem cells more than once, thus maximising the potential for multiple treatments. This is because, once thawed, cord blood cannot be re-frozen.

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    Storage in 2 Separate Locations

    StemCord separately stores your baby’s cord blood for added security and peace of mind that comes with split storage.

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    Backed and Managed by Trusted Medical Expertise

    StemCord is founded and managed by distinguished practising medical oncologists, haematologists and physicians with vast contributions in bone marrow and peripheral stem cell transplantation programmes in Singapore, thus having a better understanding on the future landscape of stem cell treatments.

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    Stringent Processing Standards

    Your child’s cord blood is processed by highly qualified and experienced medical technologists. Combined with Sepax®2 fully-automated system, our processing method ensures the optimum level of consistency and accuracy.

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    Owns 2 Dedicated Laboratories & Storage Facilities

    StemCord owns and operates its own two laboratories and storage facilities, dedicated only to the collection, processing and storage of stem cells. It adheres to a high standard of quality control and assurance on samples to ensure the viability of stem cells.

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    Secure Transportation & Storage

    StemCord ensures that your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells are safely transported to our laboratory for immediate processing and preservation of the cord blood stem cells.

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    Widely Trusted & Licensed Cord Blood Bank in Singapore

    StemCord being the pioneering cord blood bank in Singapore, is stringently licensed and audited by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

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    Strong Fiscal Viability

    StemCord believes that the best uses of stem cells will be in the future. Hence, the company must be financially stable and remain viable in the future. StemCord is a reliable and profitable cord blood bank in Singapore, with the ability to sustain long-term cord blood banking activities.

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    FACT-NetCord Accreditation

    StemCord is proud to be accredited by FACT-NetCord, a recognised and prestigious international accrediting organisation that is specific to cord blood banks.

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    Wide Regional Presence

    StemCord has a growing network with overseas presence in Brunei, Indonesia and The Philippines.

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    24-Hour Service: Immediate Response

    StemCord is your trusted partner in cord blood banking, operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to give you the prompt attention that you need.

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    Company Stability

    We are dedicated to only processing and cryopreservation the cord blood stem cells. While we support research and development efforts, we are not tied, in any ways, to financially risky research ventures that may compromise the integrity and medical excellence of the company.


StemCord stores cord blood in multiple units. With promising developments in using stem cells in Regenerative Therapy, storing stem cells in multiple units provides the capacity for multiple treatments if needed. We also take the extra step to split the cord blood units into two locations for added security and peace of mind.


Having your baby’s cord blood stored separately will not reduce the cell dose and compromise the outcome of future treatments. This is because when you store with a private cord blood bank, all the cord blood units belong to your child for your family’s own use. This is an important difference from hybrid cord blood banks*, which also exist.

*A hybrid cord blood bank splits your cord blood unit into two separate deposits, for both private and public use. Given that the cell dose is an important predictor of successful transplant outcomes, 2–4 such ‘split CB units’ might place their potential recipients at a disadvantage and their application, therefore, unlikely, unless successful stem expansion becomes practical in this setting.

(Rubinstein, P. (2009) Cord blood banking for clinical transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation. 44. pp. 635-642)


We Care For Your Baby’s Future

Start protecting your loved ones by storing your baby’s cord blood with StemCord today!

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