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Get Started

If you’ve decided to discover more about Stem Cell Banking, congratulations!
You are one step closer to being able to protect your child and immediate family.

Enrollment Process

To enroll and register with StemCord, contact us (preferably before the 28th week of pregnancy):



Signing the full set of StemCord Agreements


Receive Your Collection Box

Receive your Cord Blood / Cord Stem Cells Collection Box



Payment of enrollment fees (by cheque, credit card or cash). If you are a Singapore Citizen, you may apply to use your Child Development Account (CDA) to pay for both the enrolment and storage fees.


Inform Your Doctor

Inform your doctor in your next appointment visit that you have signed up for Cord Blood and/or Cord Stem Cells Banking with StemCord.


Bring the Collection Box to the Hospital

Delivery day! Hand over the Cord Blood / Cord Stem Cells Collection Box to the nurse in charge and inform the doctor/nurse to collect Cord Blood and/or Cord Stem Cells upon the birth of your baby.

Contact Us

Contact our 24-hour hotline (65) 6471 2002 after the delivery of your child.



Have more questions?

Speak to our consultant to find out more about our Cord Blood Banking Plans!

24 Hour Hotline (65) 6471 2002
24 Hour Hotline (65) 6471 2002
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